Friday, August 28, 2009

College Week 1 - Accomplished!

...with success might I add.

-awesome teacher
-already know almost everything we're going to be learning
because i took a photo class last year at EVIT
-a girl from QC is in my class and she's super nice


sign language
-my teacher is deaf so i HAVE to pay attention
-i'm totally going to learn a lot from him
-we're not allowed to use our voices in the class AT ALL
which is fine by me, cuz i don't like talking in there anyways!


-gonna be a hard class
-i'm doin ok so far...


music business
-a little too much business
-a little too less music


Absolutely nothing.

and i get to go see my boy on thursday.
...after another week of school.

what a cutie...

Thursday, August 6, 2009


i start college on the 24th! how freaky is that?! i'm starting to get a little nervous. or maybe i'm just sad about having to give up my new extremely lazy lifestyle... no worries! none of my classes start until after 12!

so, i'm stickin to being lazy. that is, until someone FINALLY hires me. i need a job. i've applied everywhere!! so wish me luck!

i'm excited for my actual classes though! i'm taking al electives so i'll actually be interested in all of them! :) sign language, photography, psychology, and music business!