Monday, September 27, 2010

life is funny.

mine is.
at least lately it has been..

most recently...

today i was driving into our apartment complex. someone was stopped at our keypad that opens our gate (which is finally functional after the 3 months we've lived here). i decided to be patient and not blast my horn at them. even after the 4 whole minutes that they sat there trying to figure out what planet they were on. they FINALLY opened the gate (hurray!) and drove into the first parking lot and stopped. and put their blinker on. and then proceeded to sit there for another minute or so doing nothing. so, i decided it was time to go around them. well, they decided it was then parking time so as i went around they tried to park..into the side of me. i stopped and backed up and let them go. the chinese lady in the drivers seat shot me a death stare and threw her arms up in the air dramatically. i drove into the second parking lot and parked. across the lots i see the overly confused, new-to-america chinese couple from the car walking in as well. they looked at eachother confusedly and then to me and then back to eachother. then the man calls out to me in the heaviest chinese "accent" i can even imagine

"What THEEEE haiiil?! Do you not see my liiiiight!!?"

Apparently "light" is new-to-america-chinese for BLINKER.

Anyways, I did see your light Jackie Chan and your light was on for about a decade before I decided to go around. Of course I didnt say that. I was busy trying to stay on my feet from laughing so hard at his weird asian outburst and then watch his confusion resurface as he and his wife again tried to assess where on earth they were at and how they got there.

welcome to america.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's been a while....

So. Um..blogging. Its not my strong suit.
But better 4 months last than never!!

Summer was great! A wonderful Cali trip (see pic above, more pics to come later) with Mason and Allen. Puerto Vallarta with the family. Swam with dolphins and sea lions. Went on a canopy zipline. (Also pics to come from these adventures as well.) Lots of swimming and time with friends. Great great times!

With summer, came the decision to move to Tempe with one of my best friends, Kylie. It was a very big decision and a tough one. I figured there would be no better opportunity than this one. And with me trying to go to school in Phoenix and all...the closer distance would help. So we moved in to our cute LITTLE 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment in August with 2 other sweet girls. Breyanna and Amber, both of whom started off as strangers but now i LOVE THEM!
Things started off not so awesomely. The apartment came with some baggage. A cockroach problemo to be exact. Not the funnest month of my life FOR SURE. Ew. I'm going to skip over all of the wonderful details of this month because it will make me relive it and believe me NO ONE wants THAT.
The apartment is now roach free and super amazing. Loving it! Its actually pretty random in here...but thats how we roll!

I have been spending buckets of time with my sweet boy. We'll definitely have to get some more pics of him back up here:) I love that boy more than mashed potatoes and banana ice cream times one thousand. And thats a lot. He'll have his mission papers all set in about 3 months. Its crazy how I can look forward to something so much while dreading it all at the same time. Its going to be really rough on me. But I know it is the right thing and ultimately will bring us both so much happiness and will contribute to our happy marriage later in life! Well, thats enough mushy stuff...for now:)

Hopefully I'll get back into the swing of blogging here soon. I kinda have missed it.