Friday, August 28, 2009

College Week 1 - Accomplished!

...with success might I add.

-awesome teacher
-already know almost everything we're going to be learning
because i took a photo class last year at EVIT
-a girl from QC is in my class and she's super nice


sign language
-my teacher is deaf so i HAVE to pay attention
-i'm totally going to learn a lot from him
-we're not allowed to use our voices in the class AT ALL
which is fine by me, cuz i don't like talking in there anyways!


-gonna be a hard class
-i'm doin ok so far...


music business
-a little too much business
-a little too less music


Absolutely nothing.

and i get to go see my boy on thursday.
...after another week of school.

what a cutie...

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