Monday, September 27, 2010

life is funny.

mine is.
at least lately it has been..

most recently...

today i was driving into our apartment complex. someone was stopped at our keypad that opens our gate (which is finally functional after the 3 months we've lived here). i decided to be patient and not blast my horn at them. even after the 4 whole minutes that they sat there trying to figure out what planet they were on. they FINALLY opened the gate (hurray!) and drove into the first parking lot and stopped. and put their blinker on. and then proceeded to sit there for another minute or so doing nothing. so, i decided it was time to go around them. well, they decided it was then parking time so as i went around they tried to park..into the side of me. i stopped and backed up and let them go. the chinese lady in the drivers seat shot me a death stare and threw her arms up in the air dramatically. i drove into the second parking lot and parked. across the lots i see the overly confused, new-to-america chinese couple from the car walking in as well. they looked at eachother confusedly and then to me and then back to eachother. then the man calls out to me in the heaviest chinese "accent" i can even imagine

"What THEEEE haiiil?! Do you not see my liiiiight!!?"

Apparently "light" is new-to-america-chinese for BLINKER.

Anyways, I did see your light Jackie Chan and your light was on for about a decade before I decided to go around. Of course I didnt say that. I was busy trying to stay on my feet from laughing so hard at his weird asian outburst and then watch his confusion resurface as he and his wife again tried to assess where on earth they were at and how they got there.

welcome to america.


  1. Hahaha!! Chels, you tell the BEST stories. :) I love you.

  2. PS- love your new blog! Love the new picture at the top too! :)