Saturday, February 7, 2009

Varisty Basketball! 1st Time Region Champs!

SOOOOOO proud of my boys on varsity! Last night, they won the Region Championship. And even better, it was against HIGLEY!! I went to almost all of their tournaments during the summer and as many of the season games I could make it to (me being sick and all). They didn't disappoint!! 2 of my BEST friends, Albert Balthazor and Tyler Ollestad, are on this team and i love them dearly! They are such great players and watching them DOMINATE is a blast!

And of course, my lovely Lauren was right there by my side watching our guys have an AMAZING season!

Congrats Bulldogs!

Tyler, Me, & Albert.

Me & Lauren:)

Me & my varsity cheerleader friend, Megan:)

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  1. I LOVE YOU!!

    It was fun being mentioned in your Bulldog blog!
    Haha. :] It made my day.