Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What i'm up to..

I was sick ALL last week. It sucked. The nerve damage in my stomach totally exhausted my immune system and now I catch EVERYTHING! I fell a little behind in school. i was sick most the weekend too. It was pretty lame.

I'm finally getting a little caught up in school and its great! Finally getting back on track. I'm working on a travel research project in English, reading the New Testament for seminary, CRAZY HARD STUFF in music thoery, and demand & supply in Economics. I'm also working on a book of quotes from Gordon B Hinckley for one of my final personal progress projects.

My 18th Birthday is in 50 days!!!!! Exactly! March 25th can't come soon enough! :) College is coming up soon and i'm still making choices. Not sure yet. NAU, ASU, or community college. I definately want to major in photography! And i kinda want to minor in zoology or something along those lines.

Recently, my very good friend, Michael, turned his mission papers in! I am so excited for him. Though i dont know how i'll function without this amazing boy in my life, i am so proud and can't wait til he gets his call!! I love ya Michael! :)
new years eve :)

his birthday date at sugarbowl :)

So, in case anyone was wondering, I am SO RIDICULOUSLY OBSESSED with Twilight:) I'm on my third time reading the books and i've seen the movie 5 times. Once was at the drive ins!! (Thanks Deb & Jason for the use of the bean bag chair!) The dvd comes out MARCH 24th. 4 days before my birthday!! Oooh, what a coincidence. :)

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