Sunday, March 29, 2009

Haven't posted in a WHILE.

LONG break.

LONG first week back to school.

Went to Washington with my mom and grandma to see my great grandma Baker

Then, went to Idaho to see my long lost best bud, Andrew Schneider and his family! :)

Then back to school.

On Tuesday, me, Taylor and my friend Braden went to The Maine/3OH!3 concert! Holy freakin cow it was fun:)

Wednesday = MY 18TH BIRTHDAY!!!

got a new phone, went to Texas Roadhouse.

It was a fun one:)

Friday was my PARTAY!!

All my family was there minus a few (missed you Mare!)

A few great friends were there

We had an inflatable obstacle course, 3 ft long subs from Subway, and a Madagascar cake, which got smashed into my hair after a very fun cake fight with my best friend Dawn:)

(Pictures to come)

Saturday went to the General Young Womens Broadcast. It was very very good and something i very much needed at the time. I'm grateful for the opportunity I had to go:)

Today I get my Patriarchal Blessing. And I am excited. I know it will help me throughout my life and I have waited a long time for this and am truely blessed that I am able to receive it today:)

Love you all:)


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  1. Oh... I am so sad I missed the party. It is always hard when Todd is gone especially when I am not feeling fantastic. I am glad you had fun and I hope you loved the cookies and hearts! I am also so proud of you for getting your partriarchal blessing. I am sure it was amazing. Love you tonz!!