Saturday, March 7, 2009


for these things/people i am grateful:
-my WHOLE family.
(especially my mom)
-Taylor Lee
(the best sister anyone can ask for)
-the church
(don't want to think about where or who i'd be without it)
-dawn marie florance
(the best of the best. bottom line.)
-lauren suzanne baierlein
(though we aren't going to be roomies at asu, she'll be here. always.)
-andrew ryan schneider
(my big brother. 777 miles can't break our friendship! take THAT island park, idaho!)
-braden richard alston
(shows me a new reason to be happy everytime i'm around him. never fails to make me genuinely smile. and that says a lot.)
-michael jeffery johnson
(makes me proud. i don't need to say anything else.)
-tyler steven ollestad
(because everyone needs a tall friend who lives down the street. tough exterior, softie on the inside.)
-albert anthony balathazor
(so caring. will be entering the US Marines this year. and from that my heart swells with pride, concern, and love.)

1 comment:

  1. You got that right! :D I will be. Just like I promised in my never-updated blog. Haha. :] <3

    Haha- I love what you said about Tyler! :D

    Love you Bestie