Friday, September 18, 2009


things are grrrrreat.
i'm lovin life, i'm lovin school, i'm lovin my boy.

all my classes are turning out to be a little more difficult than i anticipated. especially music business. its a little too much business and not enough music for my taste. psychology is super interesting. i'm pretty ahead in my photo class in the knowledge, but not in the assignments. what can i say, i'm a procrastinator. haha.

allen and i went to flagstaff this last weekend to visit some friends up at nau. it was so beautiful up there! i definately want to spend at least a year going to nau! i guess living in a dorm wouldnt be so bad. especially an upperclassman dorm. one with your own bathroom:)

i'm still lookin for a job. absolutely no one is hiring in qc and it is obnoxious. but i've been babysitting a lot and that is keeping me busy! i'm always up for babysitting! love it!

here are some pics from our trip:

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  1. Super cute photos! :) Okay, we got the dog from a lady (I have her number) he is a chocolate lab, we got him I believe for $300 uh, maybe $250... not positive!