Wednesday, October 5, 2011

8 Weeks.

(warning: i'm indulging myself in a mushy missing allen blog post. avert your eyes if necessary.)

its been 8 weeks and one day since i've seen my sweet sweet Lallen. and I made the mistake of watching a video today of a girl being "reunited" with her missionary after waiting. BIG MISTAKE. cue emotional breakdown. i miss him. i miss him every second of every day. no one knows me better. no one gets my stupid jokes more. no one makes me feel as loved. i DO get to talk to him next week when he is flying from utah to pennsylvania! thats a PLUS. but not a lot can make up for the fact that it will be a good 22 months until we see each other again.

alright, i've vented. now its time to look on the bright side and go on with my life. the past 2 months have really made me grow up and be more independent. i deal with my own problems instead of calling allen and crying about it. i put myself out there more and have made a few really good friends. i've realized that i CAN live without allen. i just dont ever WANT to.

for everyone barfing right now, i DID warn you. so it's your own fault.

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