Saturday, October 22, 2011

Elder D Allen Erickson, Camden New Jersey

Allen made it out of the MTC alive:) On October 11th he flew out of Salt Lake to Philadelphia! I got to talk to him on the phone for 15 minutes and it was great. He is so happy. The happiest I've ever heard him be. He is completely in his element and it brings me a lot of peace to know that he fits this role so well and is happy.

Cool story - When he was flying from Salt Lake to his layover in Detroit, he sat next to a lady on the plane and taught her all about the church. She was so interested and kept asking him and another sister missionary they were sitting by TONS of questions. She was so receptive and gave them info to get a hold of her family members in Philadelphia so they could know about the Gospel as well! It was so cool. Allen has been waiting 9 weeks for the opportunity to actually teach someone outside of the MTC and he gets that ON THE PLANE RIDE OVER. Just goes to show you this is EXACTLY where Al needs to be right now. His purpose is so great as a missionary. He truly was born to do this and to serve this time for the Lord.

He is now in his first area out in the field. Camden, New Jersey. Sound familiar? It is the #1 ranked city in the United States for murders. Yep, most dangerous city in the U.S. is his FIRST TRANSFER. Needless to say I am a walking anxiety attack. He says people just walk around carrying baseball bats and knives. His companion has seen two people killed right in front of him. But he also says for the most part these "gangsters" know about the mormon missionaries and leave them alone and even like them for the most part. So thats good to know!! He is just stoked to be there and be teaching and using his Spanish (which he is BOMB at). Im proud of him:) I miss him so much, but I know he has never been so happy and this is where he needs to be right now!

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